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FROM MID-1986 TO MID-1992, before beginning publication of ANIMAL PEOPLE in October 1992,  the ANIMAL PEOPLE founders were primarily responsible for producing the now defunct Animals’ Agenda magazine.  Kim Bartlett was the Animals’ Agenda editor throughout that time;  Patrice Greanville was editor-at-large;  Merritt Clifton was lead feature writer to mid-1988,  and news editor 1988-1992.

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        Animals’ Agenda content during that time was copyrighted “for the authors,”  meaning that the authors retained all future rights to use of the material.
        All editorials and editor’s notes from the November 1986 through the July/August 1992 issues were authored by Kim Bartlett.  Un-attributed news items (including Network Notes,  Dateline: International,  and News Shorts) from the November 1988 through the July/August 1992 editions were authored by Merritt Clifton. Dateline: International dispatches and The Animal Intelligencer column were filed by Patrice Greanville.

This new section comprises materials that were scanned from our archival copies, hence some pages may be difficult to read. Adjust zoom carefully. The materials are presented in Adobe Flashpaper® for easier downloads. Flashpaper® can be read with any browser and requires no special software or plugins.

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May 1988 June 1988 July-Aug 1988
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 1989 Jan-Feb 1989 Feb 1989 Mar 1989
April 1989 May 1989 June 1989
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May 1990 June 1990 July-Aug 1990
Sept 1990 Oct 1990 Nov 1990
Dec 1990
 1991 Jan-Feb 1991 Mar 1991 April 1991
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Sept 1991 Oct 1991 Nov 1991
Dec 1991
 1992 Jan-Feb 1992 Mar 1992 April 1992
May 1992 June 1992 July-Aug 1992



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