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ANIMAL PEOPLE is the leading independent newspaper providing original investigative coverage of animal protection worldwide. Founded in 1992, ANIMAL PEOPLE has no alignment or affiliation with any other entity.

Presenting ANIMAL PEOPLE’s editorial & managing group


Kim Bartlett, the spirit who holds it all together. Dennis, one of the many rescued felines who have lived at AP’s headquarters, enjoys a moment of solace in Kim’s arms.

ANIMAL PEOPLE publisher Kim Bartlett is a veteran of 30 years in humane work and vegetarian advocacy, with emphasis on humane education and communications. She earned humanitarian service awards from various humane organizations in Texas for animal rights efforts in the 1970s and ’80s. In 1986, Kim left Texas to become editor of The Animals’ Agenda magazine, a position she held until 1992, when she and Merritt Clifton began ANIMAL PEOPLE. Kim serves as publisher of ANIMAL PEOPLE (she’s formally president of the organization) and is also its primary photographer. Kim’s interest in international affairs has brought ANIMAL PEOPLE into the forefront of humane outreach to the developing world due to her work fostering new animal groups around the world.



pg-photoboothRaised in Chile, Patrice Greanville has been a misfit through and through from the very beginning and signs are that things may not change any time soon. A misfit in the U.S. because of his longstanding disagreements with US foreign policy and international postures regarding animals and the environment; a misfit in journalism as a commentator who liked to write in depth; and a misfit in the early animal rights movement because of his internationalist outlook and insistence that campaign strategies should be thought through in a complete socio-political perspective, Greanville’s views have often been controversial or uncomfortable to many, to say the least.

A former academic and by training an economist, Greanville, a member of AP’s board, has been in charge of all Internet and new media operations for ANIMAL PEOPLE since its inception.



Wolf grad bodhiPractically from infancy Wolf Clifton, a member of the AP family in both spirit and biology, has contributed art and other materials to enhance Animal People. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Museum Studies at the University of Washington, after studying Religion, Film, and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University. Wolf now serves as an Animal People board member and secretary, and contributes book reviews, opinion pieces, and other articles for the publication. In 2009 his animated film “Yudisthira’s Dog” won the Best Animation on Animal Rights Award at the Tatyana Pavlova International Film Festival in Kharkov, Ukraine. Produced in the style of an Indonesian shadow puppet play, with narration by Nanditha Krishna, “Yudisthira’s Dog” may be viewed at <>.