Countries Where People Eat Dogs Meat

Countries Where People Eat Dogs Meat

It might sound strange to some people that dog meat is eaten as a normal part of a meal in many areas of the world. The flesh and other parts of the dog are consumed as traditional, religious, and ritualistic reasons in several places. Though it’s frowned upon to consume dog meat in Western culture, there are many countries that still consider it a staple.

The Legality Of Consuming Dog Meat

In 1998, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to outlaw the consumption and/or purchase of both dog and cat meat. This didn’t stop everyone in the country from eating it, as an underground market for the meats emerged. In 2017, Taiwan passed a law that fined anyone caught consuming the meat up to $8500. If anyone was caught harming a dog or cat, that fine could reach $65,000 and include jail time. Other countries haven’t been so quick to pass laws to protect these animals. A country may ban the sale and consumption of dog meat, but the practice of consuming and selling it might be so widespread that it simply goes unpunished.


China slaughters about ten million dogs each year. Most of these are either stolen or strays that they capture. The Chinese city of Yulin puts on a dog meat festival each year. Live dogs are sold for eating and are then slaughtered for their meat. Despite the government’s push to help improve animal warfare in the country and reduce the health risks that come with live animal markets, the famous festival has been held for over a decade. Many in attendance at the festival believe dog meat is safer than salmon. They believe the meat brings good luck.


Vietnam is one of those countries that doesn’t have any laws to protect dog meat. There are about five million dogs killed each year for consumption in the country. Many of these dogs are stolen and slaughtered. Many Vietnamese citizens eat dog meat regularly and say it has a high nutritional value. They also believe if you eat dog meat, you are blessed with good luck. Vietnam also has a large black market for the trade of their dog meat. They sell about 44 pounds of dog meat for about one month’s salary of an average Vietnamese worker. The major drawback for the country has been the outbreak of rabies that is directly related to the trading of dog meat.

United States

It may come as a surprise to some people, but there are some places in the United States that eat dog meat. There are 44 states in the USA that don’t have any laws regarding killing a dog or a cat for consumption. The commercial selling of the meat is illegal though. It is a universal way of thinking for many in the nation that it’s frowned upon to consume this type of meat. In some Native American tribes, there are recipes that include dog meat.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

It is not considered wrong to eat dog meat in this part of the world. The biggest problem here is that hundreds of dogs were found to be infected with the Ebola virus. This virus kills up to 90 percent of the people that contract it. It is transmitted by eating an animal that has the virus.

South Korea

Dog meat dishes are everyday meals in South Korea. In fact, it’s so popular that call dog meat dishes Gaegogi. South Korea has about 17,000 dog farms, where animals are raised and slaughtered to eat. The demand for this type of meat is so high that dogs are often stolen from a family’s home. The most popular breeds for consumption in the country are Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers, and Cocker Spaniels. The people in this country believe dog meat helps keep up one’s stamina.


There are many countries in Africa where it is normal to eat dog meat for ritual and cultural purposes. Burkina Faso serves dog meat as a delicacy. Dog meat here helps families come together to bond. Dog meat is also a delicacy in Ghana where it is eaten in a “courtship stew.” Some tribes hunt and consume dogs as a way to bond. The dog head is presented to the winning tribe.


Dog meat is so common in the Philippines that it is the third most consumed meat. It is not only used for consumption, but they believe dogs are sacrificed to mourn the dead, given during tribal wars, and in times of tragedy to help spirits. There are many underground dog meat restaurants throughout the country. The dog meat trade sells the meat for much cheaper prices than other meat. Hundreds of dogs are slaughtered daily in the Phillippines.


It is illegal to slaughter dogs for consumption in India, but this doesn’t stop some from eating them. More than 30,000 dogs are stolen for consumption each year. Many places in eastern India consider this type of meat high in nutritional value. They also believe it has medicinal properties. Parts of India hold their own dog meat festival to mirror the one in China.


Thailand is another place where eating dog meat is considered a normal part of their culture. They have a large dog meat trade that brings in millions for the people. Many of the dogs are beaten and then consumed in Thailand. They’ve been stolen from the homes of citizens. Many animal advocacy groups aretrying to fight against this treatment of the dogs in the country.


Many Polynesian territories no longer eat dog meat, but some have it on the regular menu. Tahiti and Hawaii are two places that no longer commonly consumer dog. The Kingdom of Tonga, a small Polynesian island, still eat dog meat regularly. Most of the Tonga people do not see dogs as pets. A dog will usually be eaten if it is hit by a car, attacks someone, or there are too many in a small village.


Cameroon is a place where dog meat is used by some tribes and native groups for ritualistic purposes. They believe that dog meat is healthy and promotes libido. They also consume the skin of the cow.


It is illegal to kill dogs to sell them commercially in Switzerland. The problem is that it is actually legal to raise dogs and slaughter them for your own consumption. Many people in some parts of the country keep dogs and them slaughter them for consumption because they are a less expensive form of meat. Their favorite dog meat for consumption is the Rottweiler. They use it in a dish with marinated dog meat called Mostbröckli.


It is not uncommon to have a meal prepared with dog meat in many areas of Indonesia. Bali slaughters about 70,000 dogs per year for consumption. Invesigators uncovered street vendors selling dog meat unknowingly to customers disguised as other meat in 2017. Dog meat is often advertised for its healing properties. Sellers claim it can cure disease. Many people in Indonesia don’t see a difference when they think about farmed and non-farmed animals. Thiey don’t think of an animal as a pet unless they form an emotional connection to it. This means eating a random chicken is no different than eating a random dog.


Dog meat is often consumed by the poorer individuals in Morocco. If they cannot afford other types of meat, they turn to dog meat. Islamic law does prohibit the selling and consumption of dogs, but it is often sold as a disguise. Many people don’t know they are actually buying dog meat. It is also known that some Islamic traditionalists have poisoned many dogs as they see them as unclean animals.


Many Nigerians believe that dog meat has medicinal powers. Though there is a fear of contracting the Ebola virus from eating infected dog meat, many Nigerians continue to consume it. Some believe it is safer than eating bushmeat. There were a few reports that stated people in Nigeria were dying from rabies due to the dog meat trade and other consumption of the meat.

While some people cannot fathom eating dog meat, other people say it plays a significant role in their culture. In some parts of the world, dog meat is simply not a taboo subject. The biggest problem is that the consumption of dog meat could lead to severe safety concerns. Those that disregard the fear for their safety, continue to consume dog meat for their own reasons.